Saturday, 28 January 2012

How we plan for best SEM?

Through trial and error you will be able to see how SEM drives highly targeted visitors to your online exhibitions.

The following are the steps to a successful SEM plan:

  • Research your target audience.
  • Set your online goals and key performance indicators.
  • Build an initial list of important keywords that represent your current and most relevant content and potential content.
  • Validate your keywords by testing and refining them with your keyword selector tools such as Yahoo Keyword Selector, Google Keyword Selector, Google Trends and Keyword Discovery.
  • Check your current ranking.
  • Optimise the website by improving your web design, architecture and web page content.
  • Pursue link-building and partnerships.
  • Colonize the Web by publishing and circulating it in wiki, blogs, and video and picture sites(e.g. Flickr and Youtube).
  • Get in the news such as Google News with RSS feeds.
  • Install google tracking, and track and analyze your performance for better results.


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